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Building the campaign

Instead of using old ads that no one notices anymore, we create special offers that grab attention. This way, your business can shine, even against big companies with lots of money to spend on ads.


Qualifying leads

We gather lead information from our Facebook ad campaigns. Afterward, we qualify leads by contacting them and having them answer qualifying questions. Following this, we book an appointment with the home improvement company.



We make sure leads fit what you're looking for, then they can pick a time to meet with you. This automatic way saves you from wasting time on leads that won't work out, letting you focus on ready to buy customers.

Step One

Fresh & Exclusive Lead Generation

We don't sell leads at all. Instead, we create a special system just for you that brings in new leads every day. Moreover, we help you turn those leads into closed deals.

  • We do not sell or resell leads
  • We develop a customized lead generation funnel exclusively for your business
  • We help you turn those leads into closed deals
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Step Two

Home Improvement Sales Training

If you've been going door-to-door to secure home improvement contracts and are looking to shift to remote selling without a clear plan...Don't worry! We offer all the resources you need to successfully turn leads into finalized home improvement deals, bypassing the need for guesswork and trial and error!

  • Moving from door-to-door canvassing to selling home improvement services from afar
  • Access to all necessary tools and strategies for distance selling
  • Converting leads into successful home improvement contracts

Step Three

Offer Detailed Reports

Monteccy keeps its clients well-informed with detailed reports on their ads performance. Our service mixes Facebook and Instagram ads to show how well our plans work.

  • Offering clients regular updates on campaign performance
  • We demonstrate the improvements made possible by meta ads
  • Our reports are concise and clear, focusing on the key actions taken and the results obtained
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Meta Ads

Make your brand more seen with our Meta ads. We work on making ads that really speak to people, getting you more attention and steady growth.

Web Development

We help develop or improve your WordPress website, making it attractive and SEO-friendly to boost visitor traffic and efficiency.


We offer free, comprehensive consulting in Meta ads, Web Development (Wordpress) to help you achieve success online.


The cost of Meta ads services varies based on your campaign goals, target audience, and ad duration.

Our Monteccy team is ready to provide a customized strategy that fits your budget.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we'll guide you through the pricing process.


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